June 12, 2024
Image for article titled The best soccer players of all time to never win a World Cup

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It’s the head of soccer. The World Cup is a spectacle in contrast to some other in sport. And to actually be thought-about the best to ever lace up your cleats, you have to have lifted the trophy. Why can’t Dan Marino be within the dialogue for the best quarterback of all time? He by no means received a Tremendous Bowl. What’s the primary argument Chicago Bulls followers use to say Michael Jordan is best than Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? His six championships.

Reaching the workforce pinnacle of your self-discipline is the simplest straightforward method to differentiate between legends. Had Argentina not received on Sunday, Lionel Messi would have gone down as the best soccer participant ever to by no means have received a World Cup. So now that he’s acquired his, right here’s a take a look at one of the best soccer gamers ever who by no means acquired their World Cup.